Friday, October 5, 2012

Achievement in 2012

Trophies from School during the Sport Day 2011 and 2012

Last night Miza's teacher and me were chatting on the phone. She passed me few of her photo from the childen's day celebration at school.

 Miza with Mrs. Chin, her P2 form teacher
She is going to miss Mrs. Chin and her class-mate, because when they are going to P3 the school will reshuffle the class. She will meet new class-mate and maybe some of them are the friends from her own current class. She is worried and looking forward for it, at the same time. She really enjoys her P2 school year and her friends around. She told me last night, she has the best life because of amazing school, teacher, friends and parent.

Miza's with her P2 classmate

Off course not everything is strawberry and berry for Miza, sometimes she comes back home with a sad feeling because of her fight in school or she told me stories that make her uncomfortable with some friends. And the next day the story will reverse by itself, yesterday enemy become best friend today and on and on. After a while I learnt not to be too emotional about it, I will just play my role as her best listener at home to patiently pay attention to her story. 

From the conversation last night, Mrs. Chin asked me to list Miza's achievement during 2012, she said she will include those on her report as Miza's strength. So I went around the house collecting the stuffs and found some of these along the way. Few of other Kumon's achievement are kept by hubby, and he is again oversea so I have no access to find them myself. 

Trophy from Global Art

Her 3rd Runner Up is quite a good surprise for us. At that time, we just came back from our long holiday to Europe. She missed a lot of classes and we did not even practice for it during the holiday. We did not expect much from it .. we just told her to enjoy the competition. By surprise, she won 3rd Runner Up last July 2012.

Medal from Global Art

This medal is from Global Art as well. This is at the national competition level and she won Best Performance award for it. She actually was hoping for a trophy, but she realized her best effort is not good enough to win a trophy, because the rest of them are just as good or even better than her. Who ever win as the champion from this competition will go for the International level next year. The champions of this competition are amazing, I myself can not imagine how good these kids really are, within a short period of time, they can do so much on the paper to show their work quality and creativity. Miza's always love to spend her time looking at the champion's works at the end of events. I recommend that too, so that she can learn from them what she can improve for her self. 

However for us, this result is good enough. Last year she did not win anything, this year she won best performance award which is 5 level higher than nothing. Hahahahahaha, we always have a good reason to justify right. However, above all, we don't really celebrate winning, most of the times we just acknowledge it and life move on as normal. We always tell Miza, It is not about trophy, award or anything, but it is about how much BEST she had put in to each of those competition that matter the most.  We have seen enough example, kids who won something and become complaisant about it and end up gaining nothing from it. Our wisdom is ... to progress better and keep improving for every competition she participates.

Distinction for ICAS Mathematics 2012
However if you ask me personally what is the most amazing achievement that I really admire from her, that will be her ICAS (International Competition and Assessment for School) achievement. For me these are beyond our expectation. First of all , they are not easy for kids at their age, I wrote about it here if you want to read it. Second, we did not prepare much for these competition, we take it very easy. Me and hubby did not expect so much from it, for us this exam is a good exposure and experience for her and for us to know where she stands. However to our surprise she won 2 distinctions from this competition, one from Computer and one from Mathematics. She did quite well as well for Science and English, she won credit for those, which is the award just below distinction. From all the 5 subjects she took, the only thing that she did not do well is English Writing, she just earned the certificate of attendance. 

Miza being Miza, friend and play are more than anything for her, she did not even bother to take care this certificate achievement. I found it yesterday already crumple :(.

Miza is looking forward for her last chance to win another good result for this year which is her LAMDA  (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) exam at the end of this year. She won distinction last year, she hopes for the same result for this year.

"She has achieved a lot this year ", Mrs. Chin told me last night on her reply to all the pictures I sent her. I pause a bit when I read that. I said to myself ... yes she did!, despite all the challenges she gave me like never put things back to the place where it is belong to, forget to clear the dash bin before she goes to sleep, lost her malay composition book on the day she needs it which actually the book is inside her bag, lazy to wake up in the morning, sleeping late because of reading books despite me keep telling her to sleep and many other things that make me to take a long deep breathe to control myself of being explode.

"Congratulations Miza .... Keep it up and you still have a long way to go, these are all just beginning"

p.s: Blogging can be hard when all we have to do is to write in English :p