Monday, March 31, 2014

Project Jewel - Changi Airport Art Competition

One thing we keep reminding Miza when she joins an art competition that it is not about winning, but it is about exploring and working within a concept. She learns to plan, to build up a concept within a theme, to explore possibilities on how to approach the work, to find ways of how to do about it and trying out different different style of drawing.

Having FUN is the first MUST have moto when she works with her art. 

She worked hard for this piece. She stayed up very late as she has to juggle with her works from school. She is lucky that she does not have any tuition at all. All her extra activities after school are related to her hobby like digital art, art, swimming and piano. And she has to go for the religious class every Saturday, that is a MUST. I can imagine it will be very hard for her if she has to go for extra tuition doing another tedious works that will make her very tired to even think for some creative works.

Working with one art piece can be very messy for her. It could be a long process, as she loves and enjoys working with it. We usually allow her to work with her arts ONLY after she had finished her school works. And she is allowed to stay late if it is over the week end, otherwise she will be very tired for school. She stays late in school almost every day for her CCA Art, D3T2 Art and Infocom as well as her speech and drama class.

Keeping up good mood and positive energy is important when doing with art. Sometimes we can see from the colors chosen to roughly understand the emotion of the person behind the drawing. Dark and gloomy colors somehow show sadness or struggle inside. Whereas bright, cheerful and colorful works can show another story about the person and on and on. We always tell Miza to always remember to inspire others to do good things in life. It should be something uplifting and motivating. Miza agrees to it, she also think, it is good to inspire other even only in a little gesture through her art works.

So Yes! May she continues loving her work with arts, pursuing further for her love for arts. It is not easy, It will never be easy to balance hobby and school. It is like a juggler, she has to make sure no balls drop on the floor ... every moment in her life is about decision and priority. She has to understand how to manage her time and her mood :)

All the best Miza .....