Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2nd GIMP project by Miza

It's school holiday for a week, but It does not mean FREE from doing any study, in fact this week is the preparation week for the test next week. Miza had her study planned out on her schedule book. Everyday, she follow the schedule accordingly and thick them once it is done.

In between the study time, she takes her time to read books and draw. In fact in this week, she finished her first 400+ pages book in one day ever. She breaks the record for that. Yeap! She got into my trap of reading the book I just finished reading - Helen Dunmore the Ingo - click here to read review about it. It is a beautiful book I enjoy reading it as well as Miza.

This is Miza's second attempt to work with digital graphic manipulation program GIMP. I posted about it before, click here if you want to read about it. Now she is learning to work with scanner and transparant layer.She learned how to convert this drawing into a TGA format then copy and paste that picture onto a background and work on them as a new format by adding words and details. These are some of the original picture before she edited them.

and these are the pictures after she edited them, she is still working on it and she plans to sell these works on line. We need to find some frames to make it look presentable for our product photos. She is very excited to learn how to set up a product and upload it to be sold online. 

Alright! back to study time before we are off to airport to pick up daddy. He is returning home today. 

Cheers everyone!