Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some of Miza's art work

It has been a while I did not update this blog for her new art works. It is a bit hard to collect her works and finally record it here. I gather what I can see in front of my eyes. These are some of them that she did during the month of September 2012.

She enjoy the process of working with the background using the Indian Ink spray and some stamps. She loves to see how the color mix and blend by itself when we move around the book or simply close the book and let the two pages hold each other tight and create a new background.

She does her art works mostly at night after she finishes all her homework, practices and all the other important things to do. Just before sleep she use her one hour down time, either to do her arts, writes her journal or reads her book before finally the light is OFF by 9.30 PM.

A lot of times, she complains to me, she said one hour is not enough to do one piece of art work, since it includes cleaning up time. Yes! I want her table clean with no mess left on the surface before she goes up stair for bed. She always have this urge to complete her art work just within that one hour .... hahahahahaa! Well this is our art journal activities, it should be light and dandy. Maybe one day we can explore working on canvas once we are comfortable with what we are doing now.

She can be very daring with her colors composition .... I never get involve with her color choices. I leave it to her. A lot of times she asks for my opinion, and a lot of times I will hand her the color wheel and reminds her of color composition rules. The Complimentary colors and the colors between the family, but a lot of times, she will just go ahead and use what ever colors suited her mood at that time.

Sometimes she puts words on her pictures sometimes she does not. This one above is the one she did last night, she use different types of media on this work. She is still not complete with this work as yet! I let her explore and stop for every work when ever she feels too. It is her freedom.

She loves to see what  I am doing and try to do the same too .... She is cute sometimes when She will quickly grabs her art tools and works next to me. 

She wrote this poem for me over the week end. She is so sweet, she loves to write poem for me, write little note and leave them on my table. Daughter is always cute .... I think our daughter is our true best friend in life.

Alright! Time to do things for today ... Happy Wednesday all!