Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finally Miza is up on ETSY

We have been planning to do this for sometimes, but is is just because we are too busy with many other things, we keep this pending all the times.

However since yesterday, I was in the mood of creating stuffs and upload them to my online shop, I grabbed Miza and teach her how to do all this. She has been playing with GIMP for sometimes, so it is quite fast for her to prepare these stuffs herself.

She learns how to scan her work and edits them on GIMP, so she can do most of these stuffs by now. However I still be the one who help her uploading all her stuffs to ETSY to sell. So yes, these are her first product that is up on ETSY. click HERE if you want to check them out.

All of these are hobbies for us. We enjoy doing this during our free time. Selling them online is one way for us to showcase our works with the community around. It is also my mission to introduce Miza with the concept of starting up her own business by doing the things she loves so much. Selling her art works is definetelly one good way to do.

Alright! we are heading back to our study time ... thank you for reading everyone. Cheers.