Friday, August 31, 2012

Working with GIMP

Miza had been asking me for many times to teach her how to work with GIMP, click here if you want to know about it. It is like a photoshop, it works exactly in the same concept, and it is FREE to download from the internet. I have been working with GIMP for some years now and very happy with the result.

So last night after we finished up all the teachers day cards, I finally took time to teach her few basic works for GIMP that is suitable for her needs. And the top pictures is her final product. She actually made cards for her teacher out of this picture, and I forgot to snap photos of that cards :( they are pretty cute cards and she did it all her self.

What she did was : print out the picture template of this girl, then she color it using her copic marker. It is a nice marker that do magic on shading and stuffs. A lot of manga artist use copic for their coloring media. After she completed the color for the girl's hair and face, she then scan it and load it to the PC. Once it is loaded into the PC/Desktop then she work with the image on GIMP. She fill in pattern for the girl's dress, she learns how to create pattern in GIMP, import it to GIMP and use it. It is still quite a simple step and easy to memorize. The next project she will learn is working with layers.

This is another work of her .... again she color the girl first for her hair and skin and scan it then manipulate the graphic inside the PC using GIMP. 

Do you see the skirt, the bow and the book as well as the girl's sock ... these are all the work of GIMP. She is so excited to do more things with GIMP. I can predict this holiday will be full of adventure with GIMP for her. Oh well! Happy Holiday all ... cheers!