Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Miza .....

Yesterday was her 8th birthday. Times fly so fast, She is going to be at her 3rd year in Primary School next year. For the past 3 years her birthday always fell under the month of Ramadhan, where for Moslem like us means fasting. She did not have a chance to celebrate it at her exact day. Last year we did a special birthday celebration by inviting her classmate to Explorer Kid's at DownTown east two weeks after fasting month.

This year is only a simple celebration and only two of us .... mommy and miza. Father is not in Singapore currently. He is doing his responsibility for the job to be done for the country. A lot of times, when we want to complain with what we have in life, we look at him. He is doing tough job out there and he NEVER complaint even once. He always reminds us .... live simple and be prudent with our life because LIFE is not just today .... it is many more years to come. Miza look up to him a lot, I too always mention about him as her role model. Both me and Miza are very proud of him. It was a bit sad for us to actually have her birthday celebration without him and tomorrow Hari Raya without him. We miss him though we talk almost every night. 

Me and Hubby are very proud of Miza's achievement in school especially. She can be hard to handle at times, but when we have a decent talk and explain to her why she has to do certain things in certain ways, she can understand. As the first person that always in constant contact with Miza, it can be challenging, how I manage my expectation and what she can deliver. A lot of times I said to her ..... it is not about comparing herself to others, it is nothing like that at all .... but my only question to Miza is .... can she honestly tell me that she had DONE her BEST!. For everything being equal and her friend can do it .... then there should be something we need to work together why she can not do the same exact thing and bring the same exact result. When I talk to her on this manner she then will understand and usually we end up on discussion how to improve better. I told her many times, I can not represent herself, only she can do it .... only she knows how honest she is to herself, to her effort and to her satisfaction, as I will not be there to live her life one day when I am gone.

She is a big girl now! Soon she will be teenager, I know it will be another set of the situation I have to learn to handle quickly. Parenting is a journey ... only us as parent and our children KNOW the best for us. Cheers everyone.