Friday, August 10, 2012

Miza's art works

I always LOVE to emphasize art on her life in between her busy schedule for school and extra classes. First of all, she loves art in many different form. Most of her extra classes are related to art as well. I think by allowing her to be very comfortable with ART, it will help build her confidence and sense of self-belonging. However I am very careful on selecting form of art that I will introduce to her. Her art at home has no structure what so ever, she mostly will look what I am doing and be inspired from it. 

I like to emphasize beauty, love, friendship, positive attitude, hope, color, happiness and sorrow in balance, and many things that inspire. I would rather her embrace art as the form to make herself better and feel better. It is a media that allow her to find herself back and stand up strongly NOT the other way around.

I am not an art student nor a professional artist. I am learning together with Miza, we grow up together in art. However I grew up in the environment where art is fully alive and we are free to express what feel and think at home. As a parent now, I learn a great deal or experiences from my parent on the way they groom us. What we are today is part of how our parent modeling to us in the past. Some of us learn it well and move on for the better, some stuck with the past that gave bad feeling and never get out from there. Hahahahaha, it is a long story all together about parenting and I am not going to discuss it further. LET each one of us LEARN what is the best for our parenting style. we are different ..... we are unique and we are special in our own way.

Miza made this small book, she learnt how to do it from YouTube. I am quite impressive with her ideas a lot of times. She filled out this book with a new technique she discovered on her coloring. 

and she created pages that help her define the meaning of colors to her own aspirations. it is still in working progress.

Thank you for being here. WE wish you the best of TODAY! cheers.