Saturday, February 18, 2012

how miza learns!

one thing i notice, when she wants to learn something, she loves to actually explain about it to others. she does her own way of explaining in order to master what she learns. the same goes with her school work, kumon and piano. most of the times i am her target audience.

it is not a surprise for me if one day she wants to become a teacher ... :-)

last few weeks ago one of the day, she came and tell me that she is doing a part time job after school at the school bus. she said she is helping the primary 1 student with their math. she said she is teaching basic and school teach them advance math. i love the idea.

and she takes it very seriously, during her spare time she is busy preparing the material to teach to them. she use a lot of colors and pictures for that. i had kept one of the material with her permission and share them with you here.

and many other that I scan, i hope one day when she see this post in this blog she will smile BIG.

Happy Sunday all ....