Saturday, February 18, 2012

A day when i pick her up from School -

there are certain days in the week that i have to go to her school and pick her up. those will be thursday and friday. on thursday, she has to stay back in school because she has extra classes after school. she attends the speech and drama as well as brownies afterwards. we actually are a bit reluctant to let her take brownies back to back after speech and drama. we are worried that she will be too tired afterwards. but she insisted it her self, so we let it go for a while and see how she will be coping up with time and commitment.

we do not want her to give up her speech and drama, because she had done well last year with the distinction result for the LAMDA exam. so it is kind of waste for us to let it go. and Miza agree to our opinion as well. so it is a hard choice for her to choose between speech and drama as well as brownies. so see how it goes.

and on friday, i will go to her school anyway for reading mum program. i am helping the P1 student who are weak with the reading skill. it has been 2 times already, and i enjoy it so much. helping other kid to read reminds me the time when i was helping miza to read.

Miza also has to stay back on friday because she is selected by school to attend the talent development program for art, D3T2. and naturally she enjoys drawing, art and digital art as well. so this is no pressure for her, she just love what she is doing. she draws a lot at home on paper and on computer screen, she loves making collage on computer screen using some applications we have as well as polyvore. click here to see some of her creation there, and here too.

so on friday sometimes after school we travel to tampines mall just hang out for a bit before we go home. typically we have icecream and lunch there. sometimes book store and just exploring the mall for a bit.