Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Indiana Jones and Miza

I have been wanting to blog this but i keep forgetting, now before I start another busy day, let me record it down NOW.

Miza loves Geronimo Stilton, if you want to know what is this all about, click here. I think in Singapore maybe across the world, she is not the only one who LOVES this character. I know some other friend's kids love it too. They have been collecting the books, the same goes to Miza. She even asked me to allow her to purchase 2 of the books in the monthly basis. I agree to it in the condition she does well for the month for all her activities school or personal. So we have the deal on it.

Moving on from Geronimo's story which is full of adventure, one fine day she came back from school and start bombarding me with questions about Indiana Jones. One of her best friend in School, love Indiana Jones, apparently these 2 girls have been discussing the similarity of the 2 characters { well! they are obviously are different one is the handsome Kevin Costner and the other one is the famous Mouse}. But both of the character loves adventure.

So days gone, she asked me whether I have ever watched the movie, what are the tittles of the movie, and she even pushed me to search on youtube for the movie thriller since she really wants to watch it. Few times, at whitesand mall she try to drag me to the DVD rental shop to rent, but i came out with all my tactics to avoid it. The same goes to her dad, we actually {fell bad} did not really put attention to her request about Indiana Jones.

It seems she did not giving up. One thing about Miza, when she wants something, she will try to work hard to get it, even if she has to do it herself. Thank you to her good friend Reina, she came back from school with the DVD of Indiana Jones.She got the video on wednesday, but she has to hold it until weekend, as she has to wait for her free time on Sunday where she can spend time watching.

But fortunately, she fell sick, so she has to stay home for 2 days the week after she got the video. So she spent the first day of her sick leave watching Indiana Jones, in between her rest time. It was so funny to actually see her watching that movie. She watched that movie just like someone watching football. She is busy commenting the movie. I heard her giving command to Indie what he supposed to do. LOL.

and the whole day that day I have been hearing this.

and if the video was not on, she will be busy humming this song. on and on ... oh well!

and this is what Miza said about Indiana Jones

The thing about Indiana Jones is not just stop there, she continues with reading books about adventures now a days. One of the book she picked up from the library was Atlantis and other lost city.

It is so obvious she loves Indiana Jones, she always loves history, geography and adventure.  Cheers!