Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miza book's review 1st week of apr 2010

Tittle : Alex Anklebone and Andy the Dog
Library : Pasir Ris Librari,  B16702003H
Link :
Star given : 1 - [ first of all to get a star is an achievement is not easy to get it and when you get it you worth the star]. why only 1 star - the last 1/4 of the book i have to help miza finish up the book. the book is not an easy book for children her age to understand. a lot of words are new for her and not easy to pronounce but she managed to complete reading it till 3/4. she chose the book, so she got to finish it.
book review : she herself a bit confuse with the book story, but roughly she can understand that this book is about a boy who feel lonely and sad because her mother is too busy to spend time with him. he end up playing with his dog, teasing their imagination creating a sail ship full of the toys and sail up to the sky among the stars and go around earth and reaching up close to mars. and she understand that those are all only the boy dream. she can not get the moral of the story because is too absurb for her to understand. but she can understand the story line ... so 1 star for this ..:)

Buku yang di pinjam buat minggu ini :

1. Room for a little one - a christmas tale - Martin Waddell and Jason Cockcroft
2. The sound of colors - a journey of the imagination - Jimmy Liao
3. Dora's chilly day - Kiki Thorpe
4. John brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat - jenny wagner and ron brooks
5. hide and seek penguins - illustrated by lesley danson
6. hey what's that nasty whiff / - jura jarman and garry parsons
7. The chrismas magic by lauren thompson and jon j muth