Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How miza is progressing on her writing

She is P4 now, and let see how she writes her composition now .... this is one of the compo she wrote on the spot at school. She pick up the love of writing recently, she said, her english teacher in school has inspired her so much on the joy of writing. Thank you Mrs. Mabel A.

Pop! Went the balloon 

        I am a mischievous and spoilt boy who always gets into big trouble. I stopped my bad and cruel ways after this very incident … 

         “Mom! Pasar Malam!” I shouted grumpily as the car drove near the shopping mall. Usually, there would be a ‘Pasar Malam’ near the mall. Since it was always packed, it was a good sign that the ‘Pasar Malam’ was running a good business. My mum nodded her head, to confirm that we would be going. The place was so packed as I ran through. I could only see a sea of unfamiliar faces scurrying past. That was when that very ‘thing’ caught my attention. It was round, blue and bouncy. Yes, it was a balloon. That specific balloon had caught my attention. My eyes shone and gleamed as that cheerful little boy held that balloon tightly in his small fist. 

        Then, that very second, a playful but very mischievous idea struck me. Luckily, there was a train badge pinned on my shirt. I would have guessed what a mastermind I was. It was one of the ideas a delinquent child might do. My smile turned into an evil grin. My eyes narrowed. And my eyebrows slant. My pin was clutched tight in my hand and … 

         I threw that pin straight. POP! POOM! Everybody around me jumped in fright. The boy just stood there paralysed with an unexplainable expression. Teardrops started forming. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. I stood there staring, with the pin in one hand, for once the balloon had burst, that pin flew back in my direction and landed squarely in my hand. Almost paralysed with fear by then, a hand gripped me tightly and pulled me aside. Her eyes were fixed on mine, with steam pouring out of her ears. “Thomas!” she screamed loudly that everyone around us looked. I blushed beet-red. I had soon realised that I had bitten the dust. My plan backfired. Not only that, I had embarrassed my mom, upset the already crestfallen boy. I soon realised the one thing I had to do. 

      “I am sorry for popping the balloon.” I apologized profusely towards the boy and his parents. The crying boy slowly managed a smile while his parents accepted my apology. As I walked back to my mother, people started looking at me, concerned. Some even shook their heads. I looked down and walked towards my mom with a solemn expression. 

       That day onwards, I was always attentive and stopped becoming a bully. I learnt that if I know that some bad situation could happen, I should not do it. Once bitten, twice shy! 

By: Miza Masturah, P4 Kindness