Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Miza's cupcake company

Some weeks before the school end, she kept coming to me and explaining about her mission of setting up a cup cake company. What she meant by cup cake company is not making the cup cake but to actually draw the cup cake. She took orders from friends in school, some of them have standard design as per menu she had given out to them and some of them requested for customs order. She did not charge anything for this, this is for FUN and she did them all for free. At the end she brought home about 137 orders from friends. She actually had piece of paper that her friends wrote down their order and she used that as her basis on creating the cupcakes.

She drew the cup cakes by hand, then she multiplied them digitally. She then printed her digital work and color them manually one by one. It took about close to one week for her to finish them all. She also need to trim the pictures to the edges to make them special. 

She said she is very proud for herself that she is able to keep her promise and deliver what she said she wanted to do. She also learn how to actually processing an order and small production right from the beginning to the end. She also packaged the whole drawing in a nice hand made envelopes too.

Here are some of the pictures of those cupcakes! Congratulations Miza for the hard work and life learning lesson.