Friday, December 6, 2013

Miza's Design on School Handbook for 2014

She is so happy to see her design work on the school handbook. And it is a pretty handbook as well. I am sure the girls in the school will love the book. Mrs. Jess Low her art teacher who is her Math teacher as well guide her on this project. Mrs. Low has inspired miza so much on her art works. I think Miza met Mrs. Low quite number of hours and days during her P3 journey. It is actually a very interesting combination to have a Math and an Art Teacher as one person. It is two subject that goes in opposite ways, one requires structure and logical thinking, the other requires creativity and freedom. So it was a marvelous journey for both of them I am sure.

and let me share with you the video i found from Adobe channel, since we are looking into purchasing the adobe photoshop software online. here you go ... i hope you can see the benefit out of it.

Okay ... me and Miza wish you a happy holiday. Cheers from Singapore