Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's a wrap for the year end 2013

It's a wrap! Miza is closing her 2013 year very soon, few more to look forward too before she really ends this year. One of them is her LAMDA exam which is due next week right after she returns from Bali. She enjoys doing her speech and drama as well, and she always looks forward for the year end exam to test her ability on delivering two poems in front of the examiner who fly all the way from London. This is an international certification. It has been a good result for her for the past two years that is why it gives her high motivation to continue the effort.

She has involved in more art activities recently, be it inside the school or outside the school. She is very much involved on few numbers of children art competition these recent months. She wanted to learn how she actually can adjust her time and schedule between following up her passion for art as well as study in school. It is not easy, especially when everything due about the same period of time. She has things to juggle and balance as well as stay healthy. So this year is a good experience for her to actually access her capability on balancing her schedule. Hopefully she learns well from this year experience next year, how to prioritize her time and focus.

She knows that she has to be strong in Math and English, and that will be highly emphasized on her focus for academic. Her score dropped a bit for the second semester of this year academic result, but thank's to her first semester result that overall year end result still put her in the first category banding. But come to P4 is very crucial, she really needs to understand how to maintain her schedule as well as allocating her focus accordingly, between her hobby and study. She said ... she loves to be busy and looking forward for something. 

She had achieved things here and there and she also lost things here and there. But what most important is to quickly come back and recover from the lost as soon as possible and move on to continue to do her best. She understands hard-work and discipline is the key for everything. She also realized, she lost one distinction reward for Mathematics International Competition, she hopes to recover that back next year. 

She travels a bit more this year to follow her passion and meets so many new friends. She enjoys making new friendships and sharing laughter with them. She loves to hug everyone around her, she can basically hug someone who she just know for the day. Her hug is contagious, it just sparks love and warmth to people around her. That is wonderful Miza ..... keep it up!

So that is basically the good year in miza's life like some other good years that she already has in life. Every milestone in her life is because somebody else help and support. She must remember that, appreciating other efforts no matter how small it is is very important. I also hope she continues making friends with everyone around her without boundary. Every friends are special, they bring certain things in life and enrich her experience toward life. And one last thing, stay humble ..... when we stay humble we continue learning, and in life, I hope she learns it very well, things can be unfair or unexpected no matter how well we had prepare our selves, by realizing that, I do really hope she can recover fast and continue to move on and put her best effort no matter what. 

Cheers everyone, we are in Bali now ......