Sunday, May 26, 2013

Miza's handmade canvases

Miza is "already" on term break mood. Her mind is already somewhere in Jakarta and Jogjakarta, on top of her Hunger Games - trilogy [ her second time reading them all over again ], minecraft game by mohjang [ she has been begging us to allow her to have the full version of the game so she can build some of the texture herself outside the game and import back to the game, we are still keeping it pending until the school result is out ] and last one is ... drawing and drawing and drawing .....

Last night she came up with an idea to make her own canvas from the used material like old newspaper and tissue paper. She pasted them onto a free postcard that we can collect from coffeeshop or library out there. Once she glued them onto the card she then GESSO them or primed the surface so they are good for painting.

This is one of the painting she did on her new experiment. She said she will do more later on today and for the rest of the holiday. She had done few canvases for her to use. 

and I made this little clip for her ... It was fun making the home videos lately.