Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My P2 teachers - Mrs. Chin and Ms. Radiah

This is Mrs. Chin from Haig Girl's School. She is Miza's form teacher in her second year in Haig Girl's School. Mrs. Chin is a very wonderful lady, I become to know her more through the story Miza shared with me at home right after she came back from school.

One day she came back home telling me the story how difficult life was when Mrs. Chin was very young. Mrs. Chin and her sister have to be very prudent with their life, their mother worked very hard for them. Singapore was so much different compare to now. Mrs. Chin told the girls that they are very lucky now and they must be thankful with what they have in life.

And the next day, Miza came back home with another story. This time is the story  how Mrs.Chin and her family help their poor neighbor who lost both of their parents until they became orphan. Mrs. Chin and her family helped that neighbor by providing food for them until one day one of those children's family came and adopt the siblings and sold their parent's  house at the same time. Mrs. Chin told the girls how the first daughter of that poor family worked so hard to help all her sibling graduate from school. At the end the first daughter never completed her study herself, but she is very happy because all her siblings completed their education fully. Mrs. Chin told the girls that education is very important for their future.

And many more great story that emphasize value on these girls. I am very grateful for that, I think in this modern society we tend to forget the simple value of life and how important it is to be thankful with what we have. Mrs. Chin's effort to keep reminding the girl is really a great help for us as parent. 

Miza adores Mrs.Chin so much. She said .... Mrs. Chin is an awesome teacher and mother for her only son named Samuel. She also let the girls read the book that Samuel has, she carries the books to school all the way from home. The girls love all the books she brought to the school, including Miza.

Mrs. Chin is very supportive as well, I can communicate with her openly when I have concern about my daughter, not just academic in particular but including her social behavior and manner in school. I really appreciate her input and feed back to me a lot of time. She is very approachable and supportive. 

I think Haig Girl's has made a great wonderful two years experience for my daughter, and I am sure this will continue all the way until she graduate from her primary education.

In her second year in Haig Girl's School, Miza has two teachers in charge for the class. Mrs. Chin is the one that is in charge fully and she is being assisted by Ms. Radiah, who also in charge for Mathematics in class.

So far my daughter has not encountered major problem on her Math class, but Ms. Radiah is very helpful and communicative when I have question on Miza's homework or how to do certain math processing. Ms. Radiah is also in charge for the talent art program in school (D3T2), and Miza happens to be in that class too. She likes Ms. Radiah a lot too because both of them share the same interest of Art or drawing in particular. And I think, this common interest between the two of them had inspired Miza to love Math too. 

Once she said ... We can be a great artist and very good with Math too .... and that statement itself inspires her a lot to work hard on math. She understand it is very important to be strong in Math.

Oh Well! We are indeed lucky parents. For as long as my daughter was in school since her pre-school year she has wonderful experience with her teachers. That makes her feel home when she is in school. Everyday, she is looking forward to go to school though sometimes she has trouble waking up very early in the morning.

Enjoy your school Miza ...... :)