Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello! It has been a long time

I have not updated this blog for quite sometimes now! There are few reasons for it, I was away for almost for one month during school holiday, and when I am back from the holiday, I was having the trifle jitters day to adjust myself back to the routine. So everything goes first thing first.

I had realized I have not done much for Miza's personal recording for her Primary 2 years. And believe me, she is in second semester now, the time is running fast I better quickly update her here.

Alright! for the start which is still fresh ... her 2 trophies. She just recently received another 2 trophies to add to her collections. One is from her drawing competition with Global Art which was held at Bedok Community Center end of June this year.

She did not have a good preparation for this competition, she was away for the holiday, so we took it very lightly. And when she won ... she was really glad! and she is looking forward for the national competition in September this year. All the best Miza.

The second trophy is the one she got from the school for the Sport Day event this year. She and her classmate won the competition at the second place. They were in the first place last year. No matter what the girl looked so happy with their achievement.

Oh well! This is for now! I have many to update on this blog, I will be doing that soon. I hope one day when Miza grows up she can always come back to this blog and read what I had written about her.

And thank you for visiting this blog. Cheers!