Thursday, December 1, 2011

She is 7 and she is going for Primary 2 next year!

it was a good year for both of us as her parents. she is doing quite well in school as well as her other extra classes. she shows us her commitment to get the things done and well. Off course not everything is perfect story, she did not make it on her national art competition organized by global art. but it's okay, that was her first time joining the competition. hopefully she learns better from this year experience in order to be able to perform better next year.

she is selected to join the school talent program for Arts. that is just super awesome for us, cause she just loves art and drawing. doodling as well as graphic editing are her most favourite hobby. she loves doodling on paper as well as on computer screen. she just love doing photo editing using numerous different types of application on her iPod.

these are some of her works:

i enjoy browsing her works and admiring her creativity when come to her graphic editing touch. on my opinion she is quite original. i keep reminding her it is not CORRECT to ever use somebody else works. i always tell her ... snap the picture yourself and edited yourself, it is much better than using other people works. she understand that very well that is why all her works are original.

on top of her art hobby, we are happy with her school performance. i post on my parenting blog recently how her school performance is and what is our reaction to it. click here if you want to read. she also aware how important it is to perform well in school. she fully aware that she has 5 years to prepare for her PSLE result. 5 years is not going to be long and enough, if we don't ulitize our time properly. that is why PSLE is not only miza's mission ... it is mine and my husband as well. it is our team effort as a family.

oh well ... she is no longer our baby girl, she is our little girl now ... she is pretty independent on deciding things around her life. she improves a lot on her discpiline as well. she is doing pretty well on her Kumon and piano class. she is also on the mission for preparing her Grade2 piano exam.

all the best miza ... we are so proud of you ....