Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Miss Khalisah - Thank you for being there on her Primary 1

Miza is so super happy to have Miss Khalisah as her form teacher in Primary 1 year experience. She adores her so much and talks about her a lot at home. She makes her transition journey between pre-school year to primary school super awesome and fun. We never stop to thank her for that.

Just at the end of the school year, we actually were given a form to fill out for the Caring Teacher nomination by MOE. me and miza were so happy to have this opportunity to actually write something special for her and return something good back to her.

So we both were busy filling up the form and making it nicely and off course hoping she will be nominated. These are some of the pictures of the work we did for her.

All the BEST miss Khalisah ... and we thank you so much for everything.