Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"mum .... it did not work ... uhu ...just did not work"

anak jaman sekarang .... geleng geleng kepala*** ... nggak gampang untuk di taklukan bahkan dalam hal intelegensianya.

meres otak cari akal kreatif terus terusan nggak habis habisnya. di bawah ini beberapa quote dari komunikasiku sehari hari dengan miza, kadang bikin ketawa dan habis akal ...hahahahaah

"miza, if you dont sleep later i will call heidys and send you to the underworld"
"mum .... come on, heidys is not real. he is just the mythology of the greek "

"miza, if you keep doing that i will call medusa ...."
"mum .... medusa can turn only MaN to be stone ... i am a girl"

"miza stop walking around, sit down and eat if not you will turn into a horse"
"that is not correct. how can a human turn into an animal ...."

"people go to war sometimes because they want more food in olden days"
"why they have to fight for the food, they can just ask nicely and not fighting to each other. or work just like in petville, work clean your friend house and you can earn food to buy food"

"mum ... my friend said she can count stars in the sky. could it be possible? there are zillions of stars in the outer space, even with the telescope you still can not see them. even the one in our galaxy milky way. i don't know how she can count stars ... hmmm i hope she does not lie"

"mum ... how a man make tissue?" out of blue while we are sitting in the bus.

"mum what is electrical energy ... why they are around us?" while eating at mc donald after swimming

"mum how do you know which one is the poisonous mushrooms?" at NTUC while doing groceries shopping

"mum ... theseus is the one who fight minoteur, pheseus is the one who fight medusa ... you see one start with P and the other one start with T ... how can you forget things so easily"

"if we are mamals, that means we are the same as animal too"

"this story of kintaro almost the same as hercules ... do you think all the heroes are the same all over the world?"

etc etc etc .... kewalahan dan nyesel dulu nggak pinter waktu sekolah ...wkwkwkwkwkwk