Saturday, March 27, 2010

miza's book review - mar wk 4

Tittle : The cello of Mr. O
Library : Pasir Ris - B114363761
Link :
words : +/- 1200 words read in 25 min
stars given : ***
comment : read loud correctly, understand the story in brief " is a story about a man who can play musical instrument and when he play it everybody are less sad. and a girl live in the city the father and grandfather went to war, and she become the friend of the man because he makes her happy".

Title : Pochahontas- DK Reader level 2 book
Library : Pasir Ris - B21958982K
Link :
words : +/- 600 words read in 15 min
stars given : **
comment : read loud and correctly, understand the story "is about an indian girl who is very brave and leave her village to go to the city to meet the queen. and she married not an indian man"

Book Review :

stars given : **
Book chosen : the cello of mr. o
reason : the story makes her happy and she loves the pictures of the books, she said is really artistic. she can build up a good conversation to discuss about the book and state her opinion why she chose one book over the other as her favorite reading for that particular of time and books.