Sunday, April 14, 2013

it's Anisha's Birthday today ....

They knew each other since they were 4 years old. Anisha was so shy at that time everytime Miza came to her house to learn painting from Anisha's mother. Me and Piyu { Anisha's mother} never say anything about Miza nor Anisha will be going to Haig Girl's School, until the first day at High Girl few years ago we knew about it. Since then Anisha and Miza become good friends at school. They share similar hobbies especially art and drawing. Anisha's drawing is very pretty and colourfull, Miza loves her works so much.

It was a nice garden party with a lot of painting and healthy fruits. The kids just love the open space where they can run around and do their art works. It was awesome and they all had a good time there. Some kids go climb up the stair nearly go up to the tree high including Miza. I am sure they all will be sleeping so tightly and fresh for tomorrow.

As usual just after her shower, Miza love to spend sometimes to draw or read book before bed time. Tonight she choose to draw before going to sleep. She knows every moments are precious and we should treasure it.

Good night all, and thank you for stoping by here and read my post.