Saturday, February 4, 2012

Getting "A"ttention from others

Today because of one incident happened in school, i have a long good talk with Miza just before she went to sleep.

It is about 2 ways of getting people attention and the second topic is ... Is it really a big deal to get people attention in our life.

I told her there are 2 ways of getting people attention. Doing it the right way and doing it the wrong way.

I take one of her classmate who happens to be the top girl among her primary 1 cohort last year which is also her good friend. I told Miza to take a look closely to that girl. She is never there asking for people attention. She is just there quitely doing her best in every of her school assignment. She is a good example in class. And she stays quite ... but everybody knows that she is the BEsT one in primary 1 last year. She never tells other about it but people found out about it anyway. I also tell Miza sometimes in life .... The one who keeps silence is the one who has the loudest mind. So less talk and observe more, and continue to do her best.

The wrong way of getting attention is by being loud. Talk too much, being the naughty one, being a bully, dress funny and over acting. Talk big a lot of times and showing off a lot. These are the wrong way of getting attention. It is a short way of getting attention. Instead of working hard to do the best, some people choose to do it this way.

I also tell her the wrong way might be effective. She will get people attention very fast but in a wrong way. People will look and judge accordingly. So ... Do the hardway! It is always the best way in life.

I emphasize to her, even one day i am not around anymore, she must always remember that. Do the correct way! Eventhough it is harder but it will bring her a long further way to be known in good way.

The second subject is ... Is that really important to have people attention. I told her ... No! For the time being it is not! one day when she grows up there will be time where it is necessary to have people attention. but from now on ... It is not! What is important nOw for her is do her BEst! Without people recognize it. Continue to do her best to proof to her ownself first. I told her ... There are so many other thing bigger than her. The sky, the universe even the esplanade building .... So no point to be complesant and stop trying tondo her best. I told her .... it is better to be quite and people find out you do thr best, instead of talking so much and showing off so much, but you do below average.

So i hope she learns the value of ... Attention in life. She is happy and glad to have that conversation. She ends iy with a hug before she goes snoring. And now it's my time to snore ... Good night all!