Thursday, May 5, 2011

This book is the BEST SEller!

Today we went to Miza school for the Parent Teacher Meeting {PTA}, where the teacher will brief us on her performance during the first semester of her Primary 1.

It was a good discussion from the teacher, she mentioned that she did well on her Math mini test with the score 20/20. She did manage to get her full-mark after the intensive training at home to minimize error because of carelessness.

the teacher also said that Miza is a responsible girl in class and indeed one group leader, she was the groud leader for a while during the 2nd quarter. The school gave opportunity for each girl to be leader in their school time.

the teacher also said she is very helpful with her friend and indeed loved by many of her friends. and she is willingly to be friended with one of her friend and help her with studying. the parent of that girl were really appreciate with what Miza has done to their daughter. The teacher convey the parent regards to us during the meeting. Miza also said, that girl parent were so happy to met Miza at school personally.

the teacher also said Miza always come up with new story that she can share with friends in her class, from greek mythology, story of religion and animals.

and her animal book was chosen as the BEST book in class by the class voting. She win $1 for that book.

and we would like to share that book here with you ....

My Animal
Written by Miza, Illustrated by Miza

Sloth are slow monkeys but very quiet.
They have sharp claws, but don't harm people.

Kangaroo are also animals that have sharp claws.
They can hit people so try not to get near it.

For the last animal
It's the last ....

Baboons can eat people but they are omnivors.
They eat human and plants.
They even have sharp teeth.
They are for eating little children like five to one.

And the teacher's comments are:
"That's very interesting and really scary too"
"I've learnt so many new things! Thank you!"

it was our surprise as well that she can came up with this informative out of her imagination. The teacher also said Miza really loves drawing and doodling. And she always have message behind each of her work, and that makes her work very interesting for the class. The class always enjoy her work and eager to listen to her explanation.

i guess that is because she loves animal planet, history channel and discovery channel just like any other cartoon classic that she enjoys so much too.

good job Miza! thank you for being a good girl in class, we are so proud of you .....