Monday, May 23, 2011


Do you know the difference between Kingdom and Democracy?

Yes! King or Queen is the leader for a kingdom. Britain is one of the example.

How about Democracy?

The leader is voted by the people.

And what is Singapore then?

Singapore is a democratic country.

Ah! How do you know that?

We just have election day.

What is election day?

People go to the pooling station and vote for the party they like

Oh! What is the party?

PAP and WP .....!!!!

WOW! what is PAP and WP stand for ?

PAP is People Action Party and WP is Worker Party

Oh! So who is the winner?


Do you like PAP?

Yes I do, I like our Prime Minister he is very nice and smile a lot.

Oh! Do you think PAP will always win every election

I don't know, because a lot of people like WP too. If PAP is not good, maybe next time i vote for WP !!!!!

hmmmmmm ..... allright! thank you Miza!