Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Eco Garden

These bunch of girls coming from different classes are ALWAYS enjoying themselves at the Eco-Garden.

"tiap tiap hari budak budak ni, dekat sini!"
{everyday these kids are always HERE}

said the lady security guard to me who happened to be there every break time to watch out of them.

She said they do many things, from making houses for the bugs, snails using dry leaves, playing hop scotch, drawing pictures on the ground or just simply hanging out there.

Among these kids is off course Miza. She is one of the regular visitor there, including some of her best friends. I just found out as well that she hangs out not just with the girls from her class, but some from other classes as well as her senior.

When I talked about it with hubby, we realize that school bus has actually expand her social horizon in school. the others senior girls in the school bus are eventually become her guardian angels in school and help her multiplying her connections in school.

we are glad to make this decision for her .... yes it is tough, waking up early and stuff, but there are so much hidden added value to it.

So .... i spent sometimes with the girls yesterday at the eco garden and role playing along with them. Yesterday i was made as their ONLY best customer to the Eco garden acessories shop.

They made bracelets using dry leaves, and their shop is the plants around it. they use the branch as their display unit ... oh well! i had fun so did THEY .....

here are some pictures from there.

welcome to the Eco Garden of Haig Girl's School

these are the shop owner and all the shop keepers .....ready to serve you

the shop owner with one of her capital investor providing constant dry leaves supply

Finished product sample ..... after quality check and control prior of distribution

Shop Display ... and photo taking session for media advertising ....

Best customer shopping mania with a life long award of SHOPPING for FREE at the Eco Garden of Haig Girl's School at any season of the year .... :)