Saturday, May 8, 2010

my miza -

"mummy, why homer must tell about the greek mythology and make people believe him. those are not true! there are no gods and goddeses in greek. that is the same as lie right?"



"mummy, do you know in egypt the women shaved their hair?"

"no, i dont!"

"yes, then they put on their make up. after that they put on their wig!"


"mummy do you know which island minotaur came from?"

"no, tell me!"

"Crete, he is king minos pet/ son, half man and half bull"


"mummy do you know how many teeth a shark has?"

"no ..."

"4000 teeth, shark has many teeth"


"mummy do you know who is jupiter in greek mythology?"

"hmmm, i think i know, can you tell me who?"

"is zeus"


"mummy do you know apolo is the god of sun?"

"no ..."

"yes he is, he is the son of zeus, he take care the sun"


- keep on reading miza, there are so much good stuffs in life for you to read and explore.